On the moon, I was homesick. Our main goal is to find out how to survive here. On day one we did some setting up. We brought food, animals, and plants. On the second day, we used solar-powered cars to explore. We found ice in a dark, cold crater, and took samples to experiment on day three and it was drinkable! On the fourth day, we set up a tent with an airlock, so air didn’t escape. We were able to raise crops and animals after air was pumped in! On day five there was a gigantic problem, a fight in the chicken coop; it took half a day to sort it out. On day six we mapped the terrain and where to find resources by mining for minerals. We expanded our “base” as much as possible for a good place to live. Well, technically our robot servants did thankfully. We plan to leave it for future astronauts. My crew of three spent the last day getting to know each other. I think a squad of four is the best since it maximizes the capacity of the spaceship and shelter. We said goodbye to the moon after one final look.