The lunar south pole is covered in ice and shadowed craters. It's unexplored and a great place for future astronauts to land. I want to explore it because I'd get to have the first adventures there. My crew of 5 men and 5 women would be challenged with lack of resources and technology. Our specialties will be technology, engineering, hydroponics, and more. On the moon's south pole we'd be exploring all of the fossils trapped in the ice. Also we'd explore how the moon's south pole can be used to help future astronauts. We'd explore using rovers, technology and machines. This exploration is important because future astronauts could use the lunar south pole to train to go to mars. Also it's important because if we explore the lunar south pole, we'll get more knowledge about the moon and the early solar system. My team and I will probably discover hydrogen and oxygen trapped in the ice. We'd also probably discover minerals that could be used as fuel. The technology I'd leave on the moon would be a solar outpost. The outpost would contain homes, labs, and tools to survive in the lunar south pole.