My Moon Pod crew is made up of 4 others. We are all of different backgrounds, but we have all united under a common goal: lunar exploration. With us, we have brought our climate-recording machine, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. It will sit on the lunar surface, collecting data about cosmic radiation, seismology, and other climate events. The first crewmate in our pod is Andy, our pilot, who is swift and attentive to detail. It is very important to be able to adapt to new circumstances, especially in a space shuttle like ours. Next, there is Yui. Organized and trustworthy, she is the one we can count on. Since she is our flight engineer, her reliability makes her the right one for the job — when something goes wrong, she is skilled in figuring out the problem and fixing it. Then, there is me. I am an innovator and an idealist. But although I dream big, I am also ambitious and goal-oriented. My discipline makes me a good commander for my crew. I try to make sure everything goes according to plan. Finally, there are Aisha and Noah. Aisha is a life scientist aboard our shuttle. She is compassionate and intuitive, and skilled at her field. If we ever encounter health problems or life on the moon, Aisha is more than qualified to deal with it. Noah, is our electrical engineer. He is brave and motivated, and loves to tinker with machinery. Leaving our climate machine on the lunar surface may be a risk, but we have Noah with us. He makes sure it is protected from solar flares, and that it transmits data down to Earth. Scientists will refer to it in the future, and one day, a colony will be built in its place.