January 5, 2021 I am Ember, the captain of this crew. Our mission is to find life on the moon. Today, we set up the lab and prepared stations. Nolan is in charge of the robot we brought. Nova is in charge of analyzing the rocks we collect. Bronwyn is in charge of the plants. January 7, 2021 Hi, my name is Nolan. Since we landed I have been working with the robot. At first, it ran into some technical problems: its camera kept getting jammed. So I checked the gears, to make sure nothing was jammed in them. On the second day, things with the robot went great. Today we found a new type of rock. I sent it to the lab for Nova and to examine. Once they examined it Nova told me to get them more rocks. January 7, 2020 My name is Nova. For the past few days, I have been analyzing rocks. Today Nolan brought me something that I have never seen before: a purple moon rock. I put it under the microscope, and I found cells. I called Bronwyn right away. She said she wanted to test the rock out on her plants. After that, I gave her a piece of the rock and called Nolan to ask him to get more rocks. I then continued to do my studies on the rock. January 9, 2021 My name is Bronwyn. I have been examining the rock. Since then I have found that the moon rock can support plant life. I think we have found a way to make life possible on the moon. I told the captain that our mission is complete. All we have to do is tell NASA about our discoveries