My crew’s objective is to establish a solar farm on the Moon. The purpose of the solar farm is to provide access to energy on the Moon for future Artemis missions. This allows for greater amounts and varieties of tools and machines to be operated on the Moon without the dependence of resources sent from Earth. My crew will install photovoltaic cells on parts of the Moon’s South Pole that experience extended exposure to sunlight, which is possible because of the Moon’s tilt and rotation. My crew needs certain skills and attributes to make this mission successful. There will be four crew members on this mission. The pilot will be in charge of getting the crew to and from the Moon safely. The mechanic will be in charge of sustaining the tools and vehicles we use on the Moon. The electrician will be in charge of planning and organizing the solar farm setup. The crew leader will make sure that all aspects of the mission are going as planned. My crew needs to be adaptable because very rarely does a mission go exactly as planned. If an anomaly were to occur, my crew will be able to quickly adapt to this new situation to ensure that we get our job done. My crew needs to be hardworking and efficient so that we can maximize our time on the Moon. Establishing a solar farm will take a great deal of work, so my crew will need to efficiently execute their objectives to complete it in seven days. Finally, my crew needs to be collaborative so that we can work well with each other to complete all of our objectives on the Moon. If all goes to plan, our mission will be a huge success.