“Curiosity is the essence of our existence” - Gene Cernan. Throughout my lifetime it has become extremely relevant that humankind must invoke change in every aspect of daily functionality. This idea is majorly reflected in space exploration today and more specifically in Project Artemis. I feel that the younger generation of this country is full of curiosity and we must put it to work. As for my ideas for the one-week expedition at the Moon’s South pole, I would first start with prioritizing my goal of making life sustainable on the Moon by implementing new practices over time. My crew would include three individuals, this number of people would be easy to maintain and they would provide our station with necessary attributes. Skills that these individuals must obtain would include specialties in electrical circuits, communication skills, and most importantly a thorough understanding of regenerative agriculture. Now, I understand that these specific skills do not correlate with each other, but for our mission to be successful they must. To explain in more detail I would create a self sustaining agricultural vehicle. This would be a solar powered vehicle with multiple biomes onboard that would allow for us to grow food and test out how plants react in specific environments in Space. Along with being our new source of food it could also be our transportation. I would design a generator that is powered by the mechanical energy in the rear axle and transfer that energy to electrical energy to power our station with electrical energy. Additional solar panels would allow us to capture more energy and truly be self sustaining. Over time the vehicle could be left on the Moon and the biomes would continue to grow more food for future astronauts, thus creating a sustainable future on the Moon.