On my journey to the moon, I would bring six people. A helpful mechanic would be very useful if something breaks. An intelligent geologist will analyze specimens and find a place for a base. A kind doctor will tend to the health of the crew. I, the captain, a helpful and brave leader, will lead the crew and fly the craft. A biologist would grow plants for us to eat. The last would be an artist. A unique, kind, and brave artist to see the beauty of things. A great artist creates beautiful things on earth, just imagine how they would be inspired by the moon! For the mission I would bring my mapping robot called the Explorer's Chosen with all the most advanced tech we have. What if you need minerals or materials? The robot can help you find them so you and your crew don’t get lost on your search. I would leave behind the Explorer's Chosen. The map my robot makes will help future lunar astronauts get to where they need. That guide can help once we program it. But first we have to explore the moon!