I, along with my 4 friends, are planning to go to the moon to change the world in a week! Our goal is to make greenhouses for plants to survive, and perhaps help other astronauts try to use some of the things we did, to make life on the moon possible! Our plan is to use molten salt electrolysis to get oxygen, and use solar panels to turn sun rays into energy, and few bots to provide artificial sun rays during cold nights. Since there are sort of “icicles” in the depths of craters, we could make “water” through condensation! My friend who is good at gardening will be in charge of water condensation. Another friend who likes graphing things, and blue-prints, will be in charge of greenhouse design! One will take care of the oxygen part and another the solar part. I will make sure everything goes according to plan and focus on safety, risks and issues. Just so everything goes well, we will use Biometric sensors every morning to see if you need rest or if we can go and work. Let’s go and create Greenhouses on the moon!