Our Artemis Moon Pod crew of three will be traveling to the Moon’s South Pole on a one week expedition. One person has cartographer skills to map out the moon as we go. Another person has geology and chemistry skills to examine the “cold traps” or the pockets of frozen water we might find. The third person has keen observation skills to help us locate the cold traps in unfamiliar conditions. Our crew is used to the cold and dark since we all worked at the Earth’s South Pole. Once on the Moon, we will begin exploring the crater in permanent shadow using night vision goggles and a suit with a special helmet covered with lots of OLED’s to make us walking lanterns. We would be searching for geological signs of water. For future missions, we would mark these cold traps that we find on our map and with flag markers for future visits. We would also leave behind an OLED-fitted rover named Oasis to continue the search for water in darkness as we monitor from Earth. Then, another team would come on a later mission with a better skill set to extract more samples and search a wider area.