Agriculture is crucial to human civilization. In order to populate the moon, it is pivotal to know if the satellite is available for agriculture. However, since there is no atmosphere on the moon, a greenhouse environment will be ideal for farming. Therefore, my crew will require knowledge on a variety of subjects. Additionally, I want my crewmates to be optimistic and motivated people. Since we would be a small and isolated community, the mood of one person can easily affect the whole team. In order to execute our mission and finish our expedition safely, I need to practice good leadership as well. To farm, there are three important things. First, water is needed in order to grow crops. The moon has craters of ice and needs to be found underground, then melted to be able to use it. I need a hydrologist to determine if the melted water is suitable for farming. Additionally, carbon dioxide is needed for photosynthesis. A chemist could find an effective way to produce and collect CO2. The third important thing is soil. One of my crew who is a pedologist would examine whether lunar soil could be used in agriculture. I also need an agricultural engineer who would not only build the greenhouse, but also design technologies to farm efficiently in a lunar environment. Lastly, I need a spacecraft engineer who knows about the space pod itself, in the case of malfunction or any unexpected incidents. If the conditions for lunar farming are acceptable, the greenhouse will provide crops and resources for future expedition teams. Through our greenhouse, I hope that the future of lunar agriculture will be expanded and will be utilized as a resource for food. It will provide the possibility of human civilization on the moon.