Before we can settle on Mars, we need to stay on the Moon to test and perfect technology for a Mars mission, including a waystation. I think the Artemis mission should focus on setting up a moon base. My lunar expedition includes a commander (me), deputy, science officer, and lunar module pilot who are all excellent under pressure and very athletic to minimize oxygen use. The commander is a seasoned leader and skilled chemist. The deputy monitors supplies and drives the lunar rover. The science officer is an aerospace engineer who helped design the equipment. The module pilot is an ace pilot who will spend the mission in orbit. The primary objective is to construct a landing pad for future missions that would build a permanent lunar base. The crew would have cutting edge technology to be able to solve any challenges they face on the Moon like low oxygen or water levels. They will also find good places to mine valuable resources like helium and platinum. After the mission is complete, the module pilot will pick up the crew and return to Earth.