If the creation of a remarkable astronaut was like baking cupcakes, you would need roughly six teaspoons of intelligence, 3 cups of dedication, and a hundred heaping cups of courage. But being an astronaut isn’t a piece of cake. My crew of astronauts would consist of seven selfless men and women and a dog to bring joy onboard. We would have knowledge in the STEM field and we would be skilled pilots. Since space can be very damaging to the human body, we would train to be in peak condition physically and mentally. Superb communication and teamwork skills are crucial to ensure a strong and compatible team. My idea to improve moon exploration is drones that resemble bees. These tiny drones would be able to gather and store rock and soil samples in a facility, like how bees return to their hive. The facility would have a database that could be accessed from Earth and the moon and It would store pictures, maps, samples, and data so exploration and research would be easier and safer for future astronauts. An expedition to the moon is easy, but hopefully someday in the future, it’ll be a piece of cake.