“Crew Imagination has successfully landed on the moon and will gear up for a week-long expedition with 5 NASA astronauts.” Multiple news channels flash this breaking news over their large screens. “A brilliant mechanical engineer, skilled electrical engineer, prized chemist, experienced medical doctor, and advanced computer scientist are taking NASA’s historic mission to the moon to collect samples, build a new device, and make Americans proud.” Crew Imagination sends their first communication to ground control, “with 3 females and 2 males, we want to encourage and inspire the future generations of children in STEM and exploration. Looking around, all the astronauts are physically fit and have a gleam in their eyes for their passion and curiosity for the world. “The 5 astronauts have various skills and individual tasks that they must accomplish on this mission including maintaining the space craft, electrically wire the communication device, collect samples of the moon, keep the astronauts healthy, and communicate with ground control. The number 5 allows for issues to be resolved through a majority vote.” NASA’s press representative releases this statement shortly after landing on the moon. “We have equipped them with the newest technologies and a spacious spacecraft to carry supplies and materials for their upcoming project.” The week goes by quickly, but everyday something historic is accomplished. Before departing the moon, the crew makes an announcement to the American people, “our crew has decided to build a communications tower on the south-pole of the moon. This tower will allow ground control to have a better signal with future missions to the moon and eventually to Mars. Space is a mysterious place and our communication with the moon hasn’t always been stable. We hope that this new device will allow better communication strength and improved data collection.”