RUMBLE!!!!! The rocket zooms off as the team heads into outer space!! A crew of 5 astronauts on their way to the South Pole of the Moon! Penny,the Mission commander-assertive, strong, fast decision maker, was trained the longest. The leader. Kate, Medic - says what’s on her mind, intuitive. Matt, Pilot -takes charge, excellent at flying. Geordi, Systems specialist - smart, a fast thinker. Jonathan, Geologist - inventive, problem solver. They make a great team because together, they can do anything. They have a crew member for any problem they might face. If someone gets hurt they have a medic. If a system fails, they have a systems specialist. They have a geologist to inspect samples. If the auto-pilot stops working they have an excellent pilot at their hands. And they have a well trained leader to guide them. The main object of the mission is to get the Rover, named Luna, to the Moon's South Pole. It’s job will be to analyze the land and send information back to NASA about the types of rocks on the surface. The rover will map out the surface and look for a good place for a potential moon colony.