When NASA completes the development of the Artemis program, I can imagine what my four-person crew named "Abhaya" (fearless in Sanskrit) will be doing. In order for us to be selected to go on the south pole of the moon, we will need specific skills and personality traits. We all need to be physically and mentally strong, well trained, and adaptable because staying in space can weaken the human body and lead to mental illnesses like depression. Each crew member should know how to complete basic maintenance, emergency procedures, and controlling life support systems. My crew will include one commander, mission specialist, plant biologist to understand the biological impact of the moon environment on various life forms, and a geologist to study rocks and minerals. Since we have already dropped off rovers and placed satellites in the moon’s orbit, I would like to leave a mining station on the moon. This will help us uncover minerals and metals under the moon’s crust and help future astronauts make more discoveries. It can also be used to collect valuable materials and elements to use on the earth.