I would want five other astronauts in my pod. Out of these five, I would want a geologist, an astronomer, a physician, a mechanical-engineer, a biologist, and me, the leader. The geologist would take samples of rocks and conduct experiments. The astronomer would use tools/machines to locate deep space objects from the perspective of the Moon. The physician would make sure everyone is healthy and perform tests on others too. The mechanical-engineer would be there to ensure nothing goes wrong with the machinery. The biologist would look for any signs of life and occasionally work with the physician. Lastly, I would be in charge of the pod, making sure everything is going smoothly. Everyone needs to be responsible, respectful, and have good personalities. They need to be able to communicate and collaborate well under pressure in serious situations. A machine I would bring to the moon is a piece of technology that is similar to a GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar). I would bring it to map underneath the surface of the moon. It could locate caves/caverns inside the Moon. I would have the geologist and or the mechanical-engineer collaboratively operating this piece of machinery. That’s my ideal pod!