Hi, we’re Elite Force, our Elite Force consist of five people and one robot. First, we have our commander and supervisor Dr. Mae Jemison, she is perfect for many reasons. She's already been to space, an engineer, and physician. Next, we have LJ. One of our crewmates. She's very intelligent, responsible, quick on her feet and can learn any task in a matter of minutes. Then, there's FJ. a crewmate, she's confident and cool under pressure she's also our tech genius. Next, there's JR. a crewmate he's athletic, fearless and loves difficult challenges. Finally, MC. The last crewmate, he's amazing at robotics and astronomy. Oh no, we almost forgot the most important asset R3! She's a robot that will be left on the Moon for future generations to explore the moon. She was designed by MC. two years ago, and NASA brought her to life. R3 is a multi-functioning robot which can separate into 50 smaller robots. Half of the robots explore by flight and the other half explore by ground. All the robots can withstand any dangers including water, wind, ice, fire and the extinction of any dangerous living organisms. This is the Elite Force and we are AWESOME!