Our crew consists of four members, each having disparate skills and expertise such as astrophysics, astrobiology, astrochemistry, and all-streams-engineering, which assist in study of the Southern Polar regions. Along with gear/gadgets, they possess problem-solving, teamwork, adaptability, and quick-thinking skills, which supports facing unprecedented challenges. The Crew also holds an unique specialization in usage of lunar surface elements and water through the latest conversion technologies: moon rocks to hydrogen and oxygen (solar reactors) and saltwater into jet-fuel (brine electrolysis). My technology system: 1) A Base Rover, holding a solar-power generator, traverses to the rims of craters, providing a cable to transmit constant power and haul back the Orb Rovers. Furthermore, it conducts tests/experiments, inspects collected samples, and relays accumulated information to Earth; second ignitions arrange pick-up. 2) The Orb Rovers, guided by the Base Rover, would explore permanently dark craters at the lunar South Pole. This spherical structure is equipped with self-maneuverability, and enabled with AI to overcome hypothetical situations. Additionally, it holds the ability to assess, drill, collect, and cache samples from craters. Taking advantage of the non-atmospheric conditions on the Moon, the Crew installs a low-frequency radio-wave telescope to observe interplanetary phenomena and solar wind particles accordingly.