My moonpod crew will consist of 4 crew members. Crew members need collaboration skills and compatible personalities as they will work in close proximity to each other. Even if things go wrong, having tenacity will keep the crew persevering. Crew members will be given roles as an engineer, scientist, pilot, or commander. In order to overcome challenges and allow this mission to run smoothly, the engineer will maintain machinery and technology on the moon’s abrasive soil. The scientist will conduct experiments on the moon, such as growing plants with moon soil and water and taking samples of lunar material for ISRU research. The pilot will help guide the capsule, and the commander will be vital for communication between astronauts and mission control, ensuring crew safety. My crew will leave a solar power station in continuous sunlight on the rim of the Shackleton Crater connected to a wireless charging mat at the base of the crater. The power station will supply energy for any experiments that need to continue running after the crew’s departure. The wireless charging mat will power autonomous machinery brought on later missions, helping them to ready the moon base for future crewed missions.