If I led a mission to our Moon, I would install my "Element Decoder" machine at the South Pole. It will advance Moon exploration by identifying the elements in samples, such as the ice on the South Pole, rocks, dust, and soil. The Decoder will operate on the Moon, saving rocket trips, fuel and time. It will accelerate exploration by increasing the volume of samples that can be analyzed quickly. My team would test the Decoder (with known samples brought from Earth). Then we would use it to evaluate whether the H2O on the Moon might be used for drinking or breathing, and leave it behind for future astronauts. As a bonus, the Decoder will measure the Moon's temperature and take photos. I'd carefully choose five talented and flexible crew members. Their essential characteristics would be: calmness in an emergency, strong logical thinking skills, and being open-minded. I would test the candidates not only on their expertise, but also how well they work together to solve problems, and how well they react in emergency situations. The "Communicator" would inform the world, using a variety of media. The opportunities to use the Element Decoder to accelerate erudition and advance NASA's goals are endless.