On my mission, I would have a crew of five. The crew would consist of a pilot, a commander, a doctor, an engineer, and a geologist. I'd want the pilot to be funny, smart, sarcastic, and the best pilot ever, so he can help keep us happy and fly the spaceship. I'd want the commander to be smart, stern, and kind, to keep everyone focused. I'd like the doctor to be smart, nice, and serious, to keep us healthy. The engineer would be smart, funny, kind, and an incredible builder so they could fix anything that was broken, like the spaceship, or the rover. Finally, the geologist would be smart, funny, and cheerful, so they could study the lunar surface and help keep us happy. To help future crews, I would leave a 3D printer and metal filament (printing materials). I chose a 3D printer because it is very useful. Instead of having to bring spare parts and tools, the future crews would be able to create new parts and tools with the printer on the moon. That would make the spaceship lighter so they would be able to bring more food to stay on the moon longer.