My crew consists of six astronauts, four women and two men. Each of them will be trained in their own specific disciplines. The crew would learn technology problem solving, healthy strategies for space, and oxygen troubleshooting. The crew would also be equipped with medication to help muscle strengthening. Each crew member performs well academically, can problem solve quickly, and a team player. During the mission, a rover will be set down on the moon, with capabilities to survive the frigid -414° temperatures of the craters. It will take samples of ice from the craters and analyze it. It will also have infrared cameras. Another piece of technology that would be useful for transportation is an Artemis moon bike, it’s smaller and more flexible than the Apollo buggies. It has built in equipment if you fall into a crater, and it runs on argon and helium. Another item to bring, a gigantic padded box to fill with food and water. The cold temperatures will turn the box into a freezer, storing food for a long period of time. When future astronauts come they heat up the food in their rocket, helping with the problem of bringing enough food for long missions.