When I was young, I looked up at the moon and wondered: was someone else, all the way across the world, gazing upon the same moon? Now I’m part of Artemis 3. In 2024, I’ll be studying the moon, learning to start life anew on a celestial body. We are a crew of four. Using the Orion, we’ll dock at the Gateway. We’re creative; we find innovative ways to tackle unexpected situations. We’re quick thinkers, and can be counted on in an emergency. We persevere and focus on what matters, not on our differences. When we disagree, we combine our strengths to target the best solution. We’ve developed a system for the moon: four mini-atmospheres, composed of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, using extremely dense gravitational anchors which move along a network under the moon’s surface. We hope that they will be another great leap for mankind. And perhaps, somewhere all the way across the world, a curious young person gazes up at the moon, wondering—what’s out there? And perhaps they’ll find out—they, too, will lead a great expedition into the unknown. As they say, shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.