The goal of the mission is to research, and make use of, the frozen water on the moon. We will work on converting the ice to be used as a hydroelectric power source that could help produce electricity for a moon exploration center. The water produced will also be purified to help cultivate plants in a greenhouse. These plants could be harvested for food. Both the electricity and the food source will make this a self-sustaining habitat with space for living quarters and research. This habitat will set the building blocks for future additions. The Orion capsule will be filled with six crew members to meet the specific needs of the mission. The first crew member will be mission commander, and a civil engineer. Crew member two will be second-in-command, as well as a hydrogeologist. The third crew member will pilot the Orion spacecraft, and be an aeronautical engineer. The next crew member will be a botanist and horticulturist. There will also be a hydroelectric engineer as the fifth member of the team. Our final crew member will be a doctor, psychologist, and medical advisor. These crew members will be able to ‘work problems’ well and as a united team.