Greetings from the Artemis Base Camp. This is the commander reporting on our first day along with my strong, determined, well-trained, curious, and optimistic team of 4 members: a Botanist, a Hydro-geologist, a Solar energy engineer, and a Physician. As a Botanist, I will work with the Hydro-geologist and the Solar energy engineer to set up a solar-powered Vertical Aeroponic Farm on the rim of the Shackleton crater. This system can be promptly set up, uses 98% less water, maximizes crop yield without using soil, and gives nutritious produce. We plan to harvest the water from crater ice using a solar reactor. We will use some of the water for our aeroponic farm and analyze the rest for palatability and dissolved minerals. Furthermore, we aim to separate oxygen and hydrogen from the lunar water using solar electrolysis. The oxygen will then be directed to the farm. Our goal is to have a source of food and water for lunar visitors. Lastly, the Physician will study the effects on the human body and mind during our longest stay on the Moon to date. See you soon, future lunar travelers! Follow us at #ArtemisBaseCamp for daily updates. Wish us Godspeed!