My trip to the Moon would expand the possibilities of space exploration. The crew would be made of two men and two women from different fields of science all with a love of learning. Every member of the crew would possess strong communication skills but would each bring diverse skill sets. While each member would have their own personality, they would be unified with their mutual goal of success for the Artemis mission. In order to support the crew’s emotional state, each crew member would have a unique entertaining talent such as humor or music. The crew would bring a technology, Hestia, powered by the sun that would efficiently generate an atmosphere using cyanobacteria. The atmosphere would appear as a double walled dome, the two walls creating a buffer chamber that would allow the astronauts to travel between the temporary atmosphere and the Moon. The Hestia would also filter the frozen water for drinking water, eliminating transportation of water as a barrier to long-term exploration. The remotely activated Hestia would allow future missions a base in space. This mission would open the world to an era of sustainable, long-term research on planets big, small, frigid, and boiling, unreal