I will be soon travelling to the south pole of the moon. I will be the leader of a week-long mission 250,000 miles from our home planet.The purpose of this mission is to build a greenhouse on the surface of the moon to see how the plants react. There is so much going into this mission, and I'm more than ready! First off, let’s talk about my pod-mates. I decided five was an ideal number so everyone can fill a specific role. The roles include: a carpenter, a botanist, a leader, an engineer, and a technology expert. I am very happy to say that all of my crewmates are known for being positive, hard working people with a lovely sense of humor. You can’t imagine how grateful I am to work with these outstanding citizens. There’s a couple fun gadgets we’re bringing along. We’re bringing a timed mister to water the plants, an automatic fertilizer dispenser, and specially made windows that can withstand insane amounts of pressure . We are planning on adding a dehydrator to the greenhouse for easy consumption of produce. The greenhouse structure we are planning is going to house vegetables,carnivorous plants, as well as standard flowers and much more. Ideally we will be able to see which plants are best fit to live in such a harsh climate. If this goes as planned future astronauts could possibly harvest food from the moon and only have to bring half of the meals they do now. I would like to say thank you for this opportunity, and I am very honored to be a part of this mission. I am very excited to meet my pod-mates, and even more excited to explore. Wish me luck!