The expedition has 5 astronauts—a leader, pilot, 2 geologists, and engineer—who are patient, resilient, methodical, and organized so that they will work well together. The mission’s purpose is to study the lunar south pole’s cold traps using data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO). These cold traps contain a record of hydrogen, water ice, and other early solar system substances. The mission will send a device that analyzes the cold traps’ contents. The team will also use the Artemis Astronaut Ice Drill (AAID) to dig up samples from a meter below the surface for further analyses. This mission will leave a rover that uses the map the LRO made to gather the water contained within the cold traps. Before the Artemis mission that will set up a permanent habitat arrives, the rover will drive within a one kilometer radius of the landing site and stay there. Having gathered water from cold traps, this rover will have a source of oxygen and water the crew can drink, breathe, and make into rocket fuel.