“Command Center, we have successfully landed on the South Pole!” By the way, I am the commander of this Artemis mission, a mission to the Moon’s South Pole for one week. Let me share some key information with you about my team and this mission. We are a team of three idiosyncratic astronauts; myself, the commander – also a technology specialist who keeps all systems functioning; a geologist – also a doctor with medical knowledge to study rock samples and minerals on the Moon; and a pilot – also an engineer, who is skilled in communications and has extensive experience in flying. Myself and the geologist have descended to the Moon’s surface. The rover that we will drop will be equipped with LIDAR technology to map the surface of the Moon and its surroundings. It will analyze and learn about the minerals in a range of areas. Wherever it sees a significant increase in minerals, the robot will drop a small aerogel ball with a sensor inside as a marker for subsequent mission landing spots. It will be able to accomplish this using machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn from the data that it collects over a period of time. Thanks!