We did it, stepping onto the craters, feeling lighter and more free than I knew was possible. A day that had been in my mind since 9th grade. That euphoric feeling sweeping through our bodies, today was the day we escaped the matrix. Four of us, four brilliant, awoken, sophisticated individuals. Deep psychological and physical exams occurs constantly in preparation and during the expedition. we didn't mind. We had always felt different from other people, as though we were supposed and meant to do more than the average human allowed themself to experience in this controlled life system. The aries in me was showing, I remember being told before being rewarded commander. Jane, Watson, Lance and I (Rhiannon), placed our robotic kitty and dog sturdily on the ground. Digging, purring/barking, and intellectual tools. Metal claws lined the paws, creating excellent candidates to uncover samples for the lab. The days go by at unusual speeds, I picture my mom turning off her lamp and heading to the beach for the sunrise, there's no difference from night and day here, It's always quiet and darkness hour. Staring at Earth glowing phenomenally lights up my heart, the reversal, Earth to Moon-Moon to Earth. Incredible. The citizens of Earth hitting their hands together hundreds of thousands of miles away for us. For this. The peace, the dangers on Earth no longer existing for us, the longing to go farther and farther, escaping all aspects of known reality. Having different materials under my feet, my soul having the strongest spiritual connection, the impeccable energy. My time on the moon.