NASA Artemis mission’s goal is to use the moon’s resources for deeper space exploration and to help humans. The crew should have leadership, teamwork, positivity, creativity, problem-solving, adaptive, perseverance, curiosity, listening, communication, and inclusiveness skills because these are necessary for space explorations where there are unknown challenges. The crew needs expertise in piloting, engineering, robotics, science (biological/physical), geology, medicine, and renewable energy because this knowledge can help create rocket fuel, create oxygen for a breathable atmosphere, and harvest renewable energy from south pole resources (hydroxyl, hydrogen-rich deposits, and water-rich minerals). Being mentally, physically, and emotionally strong is the essential attributes of the crew for any difficulties. Balancing people/machines on SLS is important so taking 8-12 astronauts would be ideal since SLS can carry heavy payloads. Artemis mission will leave Asclepius – a machine that uses robotics to mine minerals, produce oxygen, harvest renewable energy, create food using genetic engineering and build a storage compartment to store food, water, oxygen for humans to live on the moon/gateway. Asclepius will communicate information back to earth. Gear/gadgets will be inside Asclepius to decrease the weight of future spaceships. Asclepius will produce rocket fuel using the moon’s resources to allow future deep space explorations.