First woman to walk the moon. First woman of color to walk the moon. Want to meet my team? Bryce – Pilot “Semper Fi.. OORAH!” Bryce is a former marine corps pilot and like the little brother I never had. Striking blue eyes and 6’3; he always makes an entrance. Although a little clumsy on dry land, behind any yoke or control wheel Bryce has the grace of an Olympic figure skater. We trust him with our lives. Estrella – Mission Specialist From her name you know Estrella’s parents have always looked to the sky. Her dad a former astronaut, and her mom a leading Heliophysicist; her future was written in the stars. I admire how she can adapt to any situation thrown at her without breaking a sweat. There may be a few phrases muttered in Spanish, but she always operates with a smile. Ethan – Payload Specialist After entering MIT as a German International Student, Ethan graduated top of his class at 16. So, calling him a genius is an understatement. He speaks many languages, and “tech” happens to be one of them. Ethan is an integral part of this mission especially with the new equipment from Germany. Discovery – Rover While not a person, she's part of the team! Best on all terrains, Discovery has a mainframe with the newest form of AI which allows her to evolve. This means as she takes in information on her new home, she will be learning. We’ll leave her on the lunar surface to collect samples and analyze data. At the end of each day everything acquired will be sent to NASA. This saves time and money. My dream has become my reality. As I prepare for this historical lunar leap, I think of all the smaller leaps taken to get me here. I'm ready.