The “Fortuna” crew have just landed their Orion spacecraft at the Lunar South Pole! The fearless adventurers are making history as we speak: Environmental engineer/geologist Matt will investigate the moon’s natural deposits and mitigate any hazards. He is supportive and analytical. Jenny, a material scientist, will study and analyze the chemical properties and structure of the resources found here. She is enthusiastic, mindful, and dedicated to our mission. Quick-witted, persistent, and creative thinking robotics engineer Alex will operate and optimize the performance of our robot “Scorpio”. The team is led by pilot and commander Kate who is an encouraging leader and an ambassador of Emotional Intelligence. All crew members are of good character and are cross-trained to help each other as well as ready to contribute ideas and solutions. Their wilderness experiences and survival/medical training rounds out their skills for this expedition. This historic mission also marks the first female astronaut leaving her footprint on the Moon. Upon landing, the team will check their systems and safety in this harsh environment. They will directly collect samples to bring to Earth, set up equipment such as seismographs and radiation sensors, and communication relays. “Scorpio”, a scorpion-like robot will be assisting the crew. The robot will explore the surface of craters and assist our heroes. Along Scorpio's back are solar panels and power cells to ensure it always has power wherever it goes. Numerous sensors feed its Artificial Intelligence learning in low-gravity as it carries out maneuverability and data collection tasks. Tools like a R.A.T. (Rock Abrasion Tool) drill and shovel-claw/arm are appendages. Samples gathered are analyzed to identify moisture and composition. Scorpio will be left behind to continue transmitting telemetry, provide a navigational beacon, and be ready to support future missions.