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California has two seasons: wet and dry. Drought is a huge climate-related hazard in California during the dry season. Total urban water use in California, indeed, has plateaued, with outdoor use accounting for nearly half of all urban use, and, many times, because of the drought, Californians are asked to reduce, and even stop, watering their plants, making surroundings even dryer, wildlife disappearing, and people unhappier. This vicious cycle can be broken with the Fog Trap! On the coast, indeed, fog appears during the dry season. The Fog Trap is a nature-inspired atmospheric droplet collector that helps reduce outdoor use of water and helps maintain life diversity in urban landscapes. The Fog Trap is a 3D-printed system based on Southern California’s Cactus-style spines and cluster bases and on an assembly of Northern California’s Redwood-style leaves that can trap droplets coming out of the fog. The installation of the Fog Trap is easy: simply attach the Fog Trap to your fence and plug it into a rainwater harvesting system or an individually plugged rubber tube. Starting with fences of public gardens, playgrounds, schools, and individual homes, with Fog Trap, Californians can better fight the drought and enjoy greener urban outdoors!