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Norfolk is a bustling city and one of the most important cities to the east coast. An issue that Norfolk, Virginia has been faced with for years now is coastal flooding. This flooding started because of the rising sea levels and the filling of waterways to construct communities and infrastructure over the years. These waterways will continue to rise and put Norfolk at risk of more flooding if nothing is done, so we must come up with solutions. In order to help keep water levels from continuing to rise, inventions can be installed that include rain gardens and other water collection systems. The most proficient way to reverse the damage that has been done to Norfolk is to rebuild the wetlands and waterways that were filled in the 20th century. Although this would require the possible destruction of current infrastructure, the overall safety and sustainability of Norfolk, Virginia would significantly increase. Although this problem has been evaluated in Norfolk in recent years and the city has halted the filling of water systems this does not mean the problem is solved. There is still much to do to save the City of Norfolk, Virginia.