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Heat waves are one of the fastest-growing problems caused by climate change. Cleveland is one of many to reach a temperature high just last year due to heat waves, as climate change continues to worsen, it causes heat waves to come more frequently and also more intensely. Causing power outages, and shutdowns of schools and transportation. Later, resulting in disturbances in our society both economically and socially. Although, there are solutions that could help cool down with actions, such as city governments funding money towards redesigning and future development in newer buildings to meet the green standards with help from the framework and environmental goals in architecture provided by LEED. While also decreasing pavements with cement and instead using green pavement. Along with educating members of our community about using indoor plants such as the bamboo palm, peace lily, and pothos. All plants that can cause a cooling effect from the release of excessive water coming from the plants into the air helping with the hot air trapped inside a home.