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My community is blessed with a temperate climate. There is moderate rainfall with humid Augusts and cool Winters. With changes in temperature and precipitation caused by climate change, extreme heat poses a major threat to the community. Every year the frequency of hot days increases rapidly. Extreme heat can trigger a variety of heat stress illnesses including heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat rashes, and even death. Heatwaves put heavy strains on communities. They will put a burden on emergency services making it harder for people to get the care they need. Heatwaves can even cause blackouts which could have a variety of consequences such as disruptions in transportation, businesses, and water. In order to prevent this problem towns and cities should install white roofs. While darker color roofs such as black absorb light, white roofs reflect light, turning less of the sun’s energy into heat. This will lead to the building and surrounding areas being cooler. Climate change disproportionately affects low income communities which would make it harder to implement this kind of large scale action. Smaller scale projects could include painting darker roads and pavements light gray which would have the same kind of effect.