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On Guam, coral reefs play a vital role in its community. Coral reefs inhabit many species of fish, which people depend on, either as a food source or as scenery for tourists who visit from neighboring Asian countries. Coral reefs also protect the island from strong waves caused by storms, acting as a natural barrier against floods. Because of the effects of climate change, such as its results of ocean warming, acidification, and deoxygenation, the coral reefs are hindered from performing their essential roles in the community. To protect Guam’s coral reefs, education is key. Guam’s legislators would mandate to have at least one program per school that would promote ocean conservation and educate its students on actions they could take to prevent harm toward coral reefs. These programs would provide tools and hold occasional seminars. An example would be directing citizens on how to properly dispose of their waste, preventing it from ending up in the ocean. Not everyone is able to participate in a coastal cleanup or plant hundreds of trees, but everyone has a voice. And with that voice, people can educate others, providing a united goal to protect the coral reefs of Guam.