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Although California has always been known as a dryer area, on the occasions that it does rain, they're heavy rainstorms and floods. Recently California has been experiencing some of the most rain in decades. With such a suddenly large amount of water coming down, many infrastructures aren't prepared and end up flooded and torn down. Thousands of families have lost their homes and are struggling to recover. And many roads are blocked or backed up with traffic, leading to car accidents on the slippery roads. People often might ignore the cautions not realizing the hazards. Potholes and sinkholes have also become major problems. When they go unrepaired, they can get worse and extremely dangerous. If the ground and roads were built to prevent these incidents from occurring, many lives can be saved. A metal mesh (similar to chicken wire) can be laid down before pouring cement or asphalt, providing a stronger bond to prevent large cracks or holes while still providing flexibility during earthquakes, which are very common in California. Erosion is less likely to occur as the sediment is not going to move as much. This makes quickly repairing damages faster as there is already a support frame built-in.