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With the increasing prevalence of extreme temperatures, by 2100, SoCal's wildfires are projected to burn, on average, 77% more area, with a 50% increase in the frequency of wildfires. Southern California is much at risk as a home to endemic species, critical infrastructures, and over 23 million Californians. Because of this, I propose a fat-water-based firebreak system that would allow for an effective and sustainable prevention/control of wildfires. SuetSentry will be a capsule derived from suet fat (known for its hardness and high heat resistance) with treated wastewater inside. The suet fat layer will be thick enough to sustain a solid structure and resist SoCal's heat but thin enough to prevent the fat from becoming an additional fuel source. The wastewater inside will be treated to remove any flammable or harmful contaminants to the ecosystem. SuetSentry will be buried under a thin layer of soil (0.5 - 1 CM) to provide additional protection from the sun, wind, and other elements. Once in contact with the extreme heat of wildfires, the fat layer will melt, allowing the fluid inside to moisten the soil and create a barrier controlling the spread. Over time, SuetSentry will be biodegradable, leaving minimal waste behind.