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In recent years, Michigan has been experiencing more frequent inland flooding, primarily due to increasingly unpredictable weather from climate change. In August 2023, southeast Michigan was slammed with extreme rainfall, leaving cars submerged, roads closed, and widespread power outages. Inland flooding is exacerbated by the high level of urbanization and gray infrastructure found in many parts of the state, along with proximity to large bodies of water. To mitigate flood risk throughout the state, I propose the creation and distribution of kits for people to create their own green roofs and rain gardens. Green roofs and rain gardens are strategically designed to capture and manage stormwater runoff, thereby reducing flood risk. These kits can then be distributed to areas with a high risk of inland flooding, allowing locals to contribute to their community. Each kit will come with detailed instructions, a variety of native plants, and any other soil and equipment necessary. The goal of these kits is to make the implementation of green roofs and rain gardens as simple as possible, thus incentivizing more people to consider utilizing green infrastructure in their homes, workplaces, community buildings, etc. Together, we can build a more sustainable future.