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Many forests in California have suffered from wildfires over the last several decades. Wildfires have various detrimental values including drought, climate change, air pollution, threats to wild animals/species diversity, and the well-being of humans. As a solution, vegetation called the Coast Live Oak is exceptionally good at solving this problem due to its ability to resist fire, neutralize pollutants in soil, and improve air quality. However, this species is declining due to a tree disease called Sudden Oak Death. As a solution to this, Coast Live Oak Gems will act as an improved seedling of coast live oak seeds that prevent the occurrence of Sudden Oak Death as well as increase the population of coast live oaks to prevent/restore lands from wildfires. In a Coast Live Oak Gem, there will be a Coast Live oak acorn. These acorns will then be covered in a layer of Epsom salt, which allows faster seed germination and thus fastens the growth rate of these oak trees. The outermost layer will be a coating of agricultural lime which reduces the moisture content of the soil, therefore preventing Sudden Oak Death since this disease thrives in a wet environment.