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"Better climate, better future" In response to escalating threats of wildfires in our community, our proposed climate action plan focuses on robust initiatives with the program called FireSmart. This multifaceted program aims to prevent, mitigate, and engage the community in building resilience against increasing risks of climate-related events. For prevention, we advocate for regular vegetation management practices and controlled burns in high-risk areas. By reducing fuel sources, we aim to diminish likelihood and severity of wildfires. We propose an investment in fire-resistant infrastructure for critical community assets like schools and emergency facilities, ensuring their ability to withstand potential disasters. Mitigation efforts will involve collaborative community engagement. An extensive education campaign will raise awareness about wildfire risks, imparting knowledge on responsible practices and emphasizing the creation of defensible spaces around properties. Additionally, evacuation drills will be conducted to enhance preparedness. By fostering a culture of shared responsibility, our community can actively participate in building resilience. Through this proactive approach, we strive to prevent wildfires, minimize their impact, and fortify our community's ability to respond and recover effectively from climate-related events. This collective effort will contribute to the establishment of a more resilient and adaptive community in the face of environmental challenges.