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Methane emissions from cows have significantly impacted climate change. When cows digest their food (rich in fiber or grass), the microbes in their stomach break down the food to produce methane (a greenhouse gas) as a byproduct. The gas is released in the atmosphere through belching. Over a period of 100 years, the methane gas can trap the heat (25 times more than carbon dioxide) from earth's atmosphere, contributing to global warming. We propose to build biodegradable drones and equip them with methane reducing feeds and biochar (biomass) chips and then release them in hard-to-reach pastures for cows to consume. We will select healthy seeds from plants such as Mangrove that are capable of preventing soil erosion and mitigate sea-level rise. Furthermore, we will ensure that drones are used and disposed of in compliance with local aviation laws and regulations as they are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This process will store carbon in soil through carbon sequestration. Additionally, it will improve overall soil fertility as well as the animal health.