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My proposed climate change action plan is to focus on promoting carpooling. Carpooling allows there to be less congestion, allowing for more efficient flow of traffic. This would shorten the amount of time to get from one place to another, ultimately reducing carbon emissions and other toxic pollutants. School traffic also affects working adults commuting to work, so the carbon emission problem is serious. The plan would start by spreading awareness: such as working with the school district, local government, and parents. This would allow everyone to be aware of the benefits of carpooling and in the end reduce emissions. The plan would also include incentives for carpooling. For example, students could earn credit for snacks at the Student Store or school merchandise when they carpool to school. There could also be school-wide challenges where if enough students carpool, bike, or walk to school, they could get a late-start day (maybe 1 hour so that students don’t lose too much instruction). As a student myself, an extra hour to sleep in would be great.