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My home state of Kansas is ranked the 4th worst state for PM2.5 pollution, which is harmful to human health. One source of this pollution is wood burning fireplaces and firepits. To mitigate this problem, I propose that we switch to natural gas burning fireplaces and firepits -- the best alternative that produces real flames. Problem: Burning wood is such a problem that it’s actually worse than burning coal, oil, or natural gas. Not only does wood smoke contain high amounts of PM2.5, it also contains carbon dioxide, which contributes to climate change. Burning wood results in 75% more carbon dioxide than burning natural gas. Solution: The solution is to switch to natural gas. "Burning natural gas . . . results in fewer emissions of nearly all types of air pollutants” (according to the EIA). Even better, natural gas emits almost no particulate matter (PM) pollution. The community could even make a rebate program to incentivize people to switch. As a bonus, natural gas fireplaces are more economical to install and use. In summary, burning wood isn’t good for air quality — but we can mitigate this problem. Let’s switch to natural gas fireplaces and firepits!