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Living in a crop dependent town in Nebraska, we are extremely sensitive to drought. In the past years, agricultural drought greatly affected the revenue of our local county. Agricultural drought is when there is water in the air but not enough precipitation for plants to grow. The Nebraska Farm Bureau predicted that farmers lost over $1 billion. As climate change continues to worsen, drought will affect our community particularly the gasoline and livestock industries because corn is essential in ethanol and feed production. My solution is to create a large, sustainable machine that functions similarly to a dehumidifier. Because our average humidity levels in Nebraska range between 40% to 80%, an affordable and effective solution would be to use this water for crops. Using solar-powered fans, water would travel through an evaporator and a condenser which would change water vapor into liquid. The condensed water would then be collected inside a bin and run through tubes that would saturate the crops. With a few of these machines per acre, farmers would be able to use the humidity in the air to sustain crops through a drought. My mechanism could help save money and water in our agriculturally dependent town.