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Many natural weather storms are formed due to the interactions between hot and cold air, or extremely hot or cold air. One way to prevent this is to reduce the extremities of the temperatures of air that are interacting with each other. There are chemicals that reduce the temperature of air by releasing them into the atmosphere, similar to how refrigerant decreases temperatures in houses with air conditioning. Communities can implement a basic air current monitoring system combined with detecting temperature changes in the air. Then, if a collision between two temperatures or extremity temperatures occurs, then this chemical can be released at that location to balance out the temperature there. With this, the combination of the air currents will be less extreme and this would decrease the strength of the storms. Additionally, if a storm is heading toward a community, this chemical can be put in the direction the storm is coming from to prevent the danger the storm would do to the community. By creating a system of releasing chemicals after monitoring storms, the destruction of storms can be decreased and less destruction will happen to NJ with this system