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The sinking Louisiana has been experiencing climate change for many years. My community has been experiencing climate change where the normal climate is 71 degrees to 50 degrees. Which causes climate change and that gives us bad weather and climates. Louisiana has been experiencing major rain which leads to flooding. Louisiana has had major flooding problems for many years. We have been brainstorming ways to control flooding for many years and we think we found a solution to the flooding problem in Louisiana. We want to build levees, run off systems ,and put check values in the levees .To make them catch the water and direct the water to a run off river that goes into the ocean.​​​​​ The flooding causes problems with the land with washouts and gets rid of the land in the state .That is our plan to stop Louisiana flooding and contribute to stop and fix the land around it. So let's stop all the major flooding and let Louisiana land strong once again.