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Louisiana goes through a crazy amount of flooding each year. With the climate changing the sea levels are beginning to rise, and myself and our state have to take action. We are going to do everything we can in order to help prevent this flooding. Now there are many ways that we can do this. One effective way we can do this is by building higher, and more durable levee systems. If they can withstand high water, and not collapse then this would help our state greatly. Another good execution would be to install more water pumps where they are needed. We need to place them in all areas of the state that flood the worst, and even in places that don’t flood just to take precaution. My last step to making Louisiana better is to make sure that our drainage systems are always clean. If our drains in our cities, and communities are never clean then they won’t drain properly, leaving flooded roads, and streets. If the drains are severely damaged then we can install new systems. We as a state must work hard to keep our people safe, and we can all do so by taking action together.